Welcome! My name is Nick and I am the owner of ShirtsThatGo. As a Dad, I found that it was a challenge to find cool vehicle themed t-shirts for my kids. I knew exactly what they would have liked, but it was just not available in stores.

ShirtsThatGo was created in 2009 years ago to make available to parents a great line of t-shirts that appeal to kids that love vehicles. The line currently has ~40 designs, with plans to add new designs on a regular basis. Our t-shirt line is an attempt to capture amazing vehicles in motion with as much realism as possible. The idea is that the vehicles displayed on our t-shirts are similar to what the kids are seeing in the real world. The images capture them in motion and larger than life. These are vehicles that amaze and inspire our children. Some of us grown ups are pretty impressed too!

 You will see in our line that the vehicles are illustrated with careful eye for every detail. As a boy what I liked (obsessed over) was the fine detail on the various machines that I liked. From the pistons and hydraulics on construction type equipment to the tracks and small wheels on a tank it was the details that captured my interest. I see that same interest in my own kids and others that really like the vehicles.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks for visiting our store!

 Nick - ShirtsThatGo Kids Tees